1:24 Scale Miniature Coffee Shop DIY Dollhouse Kit – FREE SHIPPING

1:24 Scale Miniature Coffee Shop DIY Dollhouse Kit – FREE SHIPPING

Doll homes are among their favorite desire and also a must have thing of every baby girl. For all the parents, purchasing a doll home to their little princess is essential thing. But now, in spite of buying doll houses, one can simply create a really beautiful and innovative doll house by themselves in their property. Moreover, the materials used to decorate the doll houses have also become really very expensive.

  • Aspiring architects, designers and dreamers of all ages love a dolls’ house. It is a mini set with that you imagine a variety of situations — from playing house to conceiving three-dimensional real-life suggestions to demonstrate how you wish to modify your current abode.

  • Plus it had been much more than a toy. As a character in my dollhouse–my mother had sewn a doll with long hair and eyeglasses that amazes meI could be an orphan sleeping in a cot built from a ring box. Or a teen lying with a boyfriend on a very small bearskin rug, drinking wine from a miniature bottle and devouring a polymer chocolate cake the size of a dime. When I ordered tiny brass beds slid a plastic roast chicken in the oven, I entered a different universe.

  • Instructions included in the package.

    Dimension after finishing: 18 cm x 20 cm x 19.7 cm.

    The dollhouse is 1:24 scale. LED light included. Material is wood.