Bluebell Paper Flower kit for 1/12th Dollhouses, Florists and Miniature Gardens

Bluebell Paper Flower kit for 1/12th Dollhouses, Florists and Miniature Gardens

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There are different kinds of dollhouses. While some are decorated and readymade, some are offered as kits and a few are custom built homes. Some hobbyists make them from scratch and by their own design. The majority of them are built so that they hold in one piece but some of them are made from the modular boxes where each box is 1 room.

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  • Beginning in the 17th century, “Nuremberg kitchens” might contain a hearth, cooking pots, a straw broom. These all-metal homes were created without decoration, for purely utilitarian purposes. Used as teaching programs for girls, Nuremberg kitchens let mothers to show daughters how to set up and control a house. All about learning rules, a Nuremberg kitchen has been the opposite of a dollhouse for a dream world of dream. It was a place where women learned to handle not just the objects of the house but its servants, in which girls would learn to become the woman of the home.

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    A 1/12th or 1” scale paper flower kit to make a Bluebell plant.

    Make these flowers for your garden or they look magical as part of a Fairy setting. They are a wild flower that has been adopted by Gardeners everywhere.

    Important Note. You must have a pair of Fine Pointed Tweezers to finish this kit.

    The kit includes punched coloured paper petals, wires and illustrated instructions.

    To Finish this Kit
    You will need:

    Fine pointed tweezers
    Tacky glue
    Eraser (for moulding petals and leaves)
    Fine pointed sharp scissors
    A pot or vase or perhaps you are planting this in a flower bed?

    I hope your dolls house garden grows and flourishes, no weeding, no pests just delightful flowers!

    The kits are all my own original copyrighted designs. They are not to be copied and reproduced for any reason.