Designer launches range of mini-me dolls made to look exactly like their owners

Designer launches range of mini-me dolls made to look exactly like their owners

Now, the non-famous can have a selfie doll of their own thanks to artist Magdi Bakos, 53, although it is going to cost you #63.
The dolls, all of which are created by hand and take eight months to create, derive from photos sent in by customers together with details regarding their appearance and personality.
Ms Bakos, who began her career producing A-list dolls, says that she launched her new range after realising that normal people also desired the feelings of fame and adoration which come with having your very own mini-me doll.


O powerful did the dolls prove, she Hobbies gave up her role as a cartoon animator a couple of years ago and now receives requests from all over the world. ‘After I sewed a few star dolls such as Prince and Ross Noble, I decided to branch out to normal men and women.’


Clients send her a thorough description outlining their attention and skin colour and take her through their hairstyle and favorite outfits.
When deciding if they wish to pay additional for accessories like a pet for #38 or a guitar for #19, buyers have been sent a concept image and, if accepted, Ms Bakos gets to work.
Creating each doll takes eight weeks but their increasing popularity has led to a backlog in orders that means a wait of up to three weeks to putative owners.
‘Every toy is created according to the will of the client who details the materials, accessories, size, and sophistication,’ explains Ms Bakos.
‘This way the finished doll will be exceptional. They can take weeks to make but each doll differs so it is well worth it.’