Your Own Kid’s Stuffed Animals Are Disgusting — And Extremely Important

Your Own Kid’s Stuffed Animals Are Disgusting — And Extremely Important

“Transitional objects” like teddy bears and special blankets help kids move from dependency to independence.
This week we’ve got an incredibly beneficial piece from blank person extraordinaire Jolie Kerr about how to wash your children’s beloved stuffed creatures. Each of my kids has a veritable army of unique stuffies: My older daughter loves owls, my little one loves cats.

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I have scuffed up many sets of plastic eyes since I was not laundering those owls correctly as soon as they got smelly from overuse, dropped in mud or barfed on. As a result of Jolie’s expertise, I realize that I should happen to be sticking all these gals at a garment bag before dumping them in the washing machine.

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While spot-cleaning Blueberry isn’t my favourite activity, I understand that favored Children Toy Dolls┬áhave a profound importance to our kids, and can help them cope in times of stress. Our kids’s most obsessed-over toys and blankets are known as”random objects,” a word coined in 1951 by the pioneering British psychoanalyst and pediatrician Donald Winnicott, after he observed that infants often became”addicted” to a specific unique soft toy, which had been”affectionately cuddled as well as excitedly adored and mutilated.”

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Though some pediatricians of his age took a more pathological view of”fetishistic” transitional objects, asserting that normally developing children shouldn’t desire them, Winnicott believed that children’s attachment to their lovies should be respected. Fortunately for Fluffy and Pinkie Pie, Winnicott’s opinion has prevailed: Transitional items are important since they help children move from dependence to independence, from being exclusively in the care of their families to encountering the broader world.

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As stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, many children fixate on their particular transitional objects between eight and 12 weeks old. And in fact, what adults perceive because the dirtiness and smelliness of the transitional object is part of what causes it calming — that it has your child’s particular odor on it”reminds him of the comfort and safety of his own room,” the A.A.P. notes.